New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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The Enthusiast

The Week in Food

This week, the foodie life in San Francisco yields ramen noodles and creature-features, rice-n-beans and comedians, a love affair with brunch casseroles, and quickie seaweed snacks for you big city food lovers.

* Eating slippery, homemade miso ramen noodles at Sapporo-Ya before watching slippery, alien worm thingers attack a town in the brilliant, campy horror flick Slither at the Kabuki.

* Pitchers of strawberry margaritas and enchiladas with mole poblano at Puerto
before the 826 Valencia comedy benefit with Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, Al Madrigal and Patton Oswalt, all of whom were so funny that our cheeks hurt from laughing.

* Homemade lemon bread pudding with creme anglaise; crunchy, melty spinach-gruyere strata (savory bread pudding); handmade, piping hot
cinnamon rolls with glaze; bagels with wild lox; mimosas and old 45s: so many reasons to make brunch.

* Seaweed salad from the GoGo Sushi chain: the quickest, cheapest, healthiest
snack in town; sushi is often half-off after 3:30pm!