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The Enthusiast

The Week in Food

* Filet mignon, pommes frites, and mussels to share at Garcon, then a show at the Makeout Room and drinks at the Latin American Club.

* An Old-time San Francisco weekday lunch: Crab Louie, burgers, Anchor Steam, cool vintage woodwork, and a bay view at Dago Mary's in the Hunter's Point Shipyard.

* Ugly in countenance, but the most flavorful veggies of the season: frost-tipped artichokes, farm fresh from the little market in Pescadero where they sell the amazing partially baked artichoke cheddar bread (with a bowl of artichoke/jalapeno soup from Duarte's for good measure).

* Strips of Niman Ranch minute steak, dry sauteed with olive oil, orange peel, fennel seeds, worcestershire, and chili flakes.

* The Goat cheese and roasted eggplant omelette at Dottie's True Blue Cafe, with no wait for a table at noon on a Wednesday.

* Champagne and artisan cake at a 1st Thursday opening at Frisson, melt-in-your-mouth Big Macs at 2nd and Market, and Beamish stout (with a side of Grandmaster Flash) at Edinburgh Castle.