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The Crystal Method

Let's talk a little meth, shall we? Crystal Method (Ken Jordan & Scott Kirkland) live in a world of gathered samples of sound bytes, where their love and enjoyment for pumping break-beats, killer bass lines and digital hooks rule. What their music produces is true dance, pumping bass and a kicking movement that is known as modern electronica.

I remember the very first time I saw the Crystal Method play: it was in San Francisco for their "Vegas" tour about five or six years ago. I had heard some of their music but I had no idea what I was in for. When the house lights dimmed and the beats began to drop I was on the edge of my seat... for about three seconds; after that I couldn't stop dancing! As for the crowd, I have never seen such a diverse set of people all in one place listening to the same band. .

Unfortunately, all good things seem to come to an end, or at least a pause, as the next few albums Crystal Method put out didn't have an impact on either the charts or their fanbase. While the band released a single or two that held promise, it was nothing like their work on "Vegas", which, in these reviewers' opinions, was their best album to date.

However, their current album, "Legion of Boom", is another story altogether. This new record heralds a comeback for band as well as surpasses any previous expectation by presenting a collection comparable to that of "Vegas". "Legion of Boom" blends electronica with rock, hip-hop, soul and break-beats producing a mixture of sounds that is the auditory equivalent of sugar on a stick. These guys are back and on a mission.

Emotionally, both the highs and lows of "Legion of Boom" captivate and encourage each listener to go towards the edge and gladly step over. On the song "Born Too Slow", the bass line falls over you in a lovely rush while the melody creeps up on you with a disconcertingly raw intensity, and on "I Know It's You" you will be met with a sweet, sexy vibe with an Indian-flavored electronic reverb. While on "Weapons Of Mass Distortion", you are moved to a darker point in a grand style with progressive, fat rock vibes that have chops in all the rights places.

If this album is any indicator, this Crystal Method show promises to be their best. It's an experience not worth missing.