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205 Rockaway Beach Ave Ste #5, Pacifica, CA
+1 650.557.1000
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Commercial cleaning
Night clubs and bars
Medical facilities
Movie theaters
Day porter services
Health clubs
Carpet cleaning
Window washing
High pressure spraying
Construction cleaning

We service facilities from 1x/month, to multiple times a day- no job too big or too small.


Established in 2004

The Cleaning Company, Inc. was founded in 2004 by Charles Howatt, the previous owner of another cleaning company.  Taking what he learned from the 17 years in the business, Charles set out to make a new type of cleaning service, one that was transparent and accountable for its actions.  Using the internet as its medium, the Cleaning Company, Inc. created a powerful website through which each of its clients can log on to their own unique site that has all of the information on what's happening at their business- a calendar of events, the pictures and names of who is authorized to be on their premises, the cleaning products and equipment being used, and the MSDSs for those products, emergency protocol for the cleaners, and ways to communicate back and forth with the cleaners, all right at their fingertips.  Bringing this industry into the 21st century has brought success to The Cleaning Company, Inc., and we've grown rapidly- with incredible results.  We hope to hear from you soon...

Meet the Business Owner: Charles H.

Having started another cleaning company in 1994, Charles stepped down from an ownership role in 2004 for a variety of reasons.  The main motivation though, was that his 3 kids were growing up and the company was taking a lot of his time.  Still working for that company, Charles started volunteering a lot of his time at his children's school, running around with 2nd and 4th graders in the school yard.  Moving his office closer to his home, he started The Cleaning Company, Inc., and got a few clients that he could take care of himself.  After growing this client base, he started thinking of better ways to service them, and the idea of utilizing the internet came to fruition. Still volunteering at the school while working down the street, Charles is growing The Cleaning Company, Inc., and looking towards the future with great expectations.