The Claddagh Irish Restaurant and Pub

1300 1st St, Gilroy, CA
+1 408.848.5050
The Claddagh Irish Restaurant and Pub Website
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A family-friendly hangout for the Irish pub-lover in all of us, the Claddagh is where you can get sauced Irish-style in Gilroy. This large restaurant and bar was once the only hangout in garlic-town, so it established itself quite nicely as an all-around good time for just about every soul who has a penchant for pub grub, beer and whiskey. Though other bars have since opened up in the area, not much about the Claddagh has changed; it's still just as popular for good food and tasty drinks during normal hours, and it still gets packed with the hard drinking, dance loving, over-21 set later in the night.


An authentic Irish Pub, the Claddagh serves fish and chips, corned beef and cabbage and shepherd’s pie—not to mention Celtic calzone—to go along with Guinness, Bass, Harp and more on tap. -- Metro Bars/Clubs June 16-22, 2010