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The Chorus

A Discordant Harmony

'Fond De L'Etang' ('Rock Bottom') is a harsh boarding school for delinquents, miscreants, and other young social outcasts. Hope is a scarce commodity at this institution for 'reform'. It's ironic that the arrival of a failed and disenchanted musician serves to give hope to these misguided youths.

Clement Mathieu (aptly played by Gerard Jugnot) is hardly prepared for what he encounters upon stumbling through Fond De L'Etang's doors. Mild mannered and amiable, Clement is aghast at the behavior of the nascent criminals he is surrounded by. Equally shocking is the iron handed approach in dealing with the denizens of Fond De L'Etang.

In a story that is largely saccharine, Clement uses music as a salve to sooth the savage beasts. In clichéd fashion, the music enables Clement to tap into the requisite soft side and creative energy that has clearly been misguided while locked up in Fond De L'Etang.

There's nothing about The Chorus that is abhorrent, but there is nothing about the film that is truly exceptional. The story could be construed as 'inspiring', but is so idealistically naïve and tidy that it's hard to swallow. However, if one can effectively suspend disbelief, The Chorus offers an experience that is not entirely cacophonous.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5