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The Big Pink – A Brief History of Love

Released on 4AD, 9/22/09

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The sky opens up through the metallic clouds, raining guitars and looping beats, you shine two lanterns across the vast sea, and that’s when The Big Pink comes into sight. Robbie Furze and Milo Cordell’s debut album A Brief History of Love is a ravishing racket with heartfelt lyrics that shoot like Cupid’s arrow through the vessel of sound. The London duo’s opening track “Crystal Visions” is far out and spellbinding. The guitars crash on the beaches of the mind leaving visions of raining fire.

There is no empty space on the album; each song is filled to the brim with maximum sound. “Too Young to Love” is warping and mesmerizing across sound loops leaving their heeded warning “Oh no, never again.” It’s concocted with all the elements of rock not least to forget cement and concrete as well.

“Dominos” falls into place providing a radio friendly smash hit that will bring in tides of fans to the beautifully constructed distortion. Equal parts dance and pop, fans will gladly flock to the oncoming assault. As bombastic beats and synthesizers cutout a dreamy mirage, “Velvet” plays with the ambition of a general scouting the heartbreaking battlefield. “A Brief History of Love” the title track is exhilarating and expansive with back and forth singing by Valentine Fillol Cordier and Furze riding the slow waves of longing and love. The Big Pink’s ship sails closer dodging metaphoric rocks of pain, humming along with “At War With the Sun” and “Golden Pendulum”.

A Brief History of Love is as fresh and unspoiled as it is ancient and primal. A clutch of songs that is most represented by the album title taking your heart in and out of the rocks on the seas, waxing and waning with the tide.