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The Big Bounce

...finds itself on the worst movies of 2004 list

This movie is so bad it's scary. Seriously, there are points during the movie when you feel like you've entered the Twilight Zone or another dimension full of zombies where movies like The Big Bounce are supposed to pass for entertainment, a world where studios actually cough up money to make these celluloid travesties while they pass over rich scripts with promise.

Owen Wilson plays Jack; a petty thief hiding away in Hawaii who finds himself involved with a local named Nancy (Sara "I can't act to save my life but I'm blonde and skinny" Foster), who is also the mistress of a shady businessman, Ray Ritchie (Gary Sinise). After Jack gets himself thrown in jail for assault, the judge, Walter (Morgan Freeman who seems to have just tapped into his role as God in Bruce Almighty), and he strike up an unusual friendship. Meanwhile, no-good Nancy, who has a proclivity for crime, easily seduces Jack into a cock-eyed scheme involving stealing $200,000.

First of all, no one in this movie can act. Even the two Oscar-nominated actors couldn't churn out a good performance against horrible direction and an even worse script that infected all in its wake. The plot is convoluted and makes no sense and as the movie lurches on you will find yourself repeatedly checking your watch for the much-anticipated end. The chemistry between Wilson and Foster is beyond weird - I would call it eerie. What the hell is going on with those two - it's a mystery not worth solving. Even Wilson's charming, dry humor can't save this movie.

The Big Bounce has found its rightful place on the fast-growing worst movies of 2004 list.