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The Best in Food

San Francisco Favs in 2005

SF Station's food writers give you the insider's scoop on the best culinary delights to be found in the Bay Area. Before you pick up that fork, before you call in your next reservation, before you make that first date, read their lists below and get the lowdown.

Dining With a View
1. Medjool Roof Terrace
2. Guaymas: Tiburon
3. Hyde Street Bistro
4. Betelnut
5. Ferry Building (picnic on upper deck of ferry launch, or better, on a ferry)

1. Tartine Bakery (rec: the morning buns, pain au jambon)
2. La Boulangerie (rec: golden raisin baguette)
3. Citizen Cake
4. The Cheese Board, Berkeley
5. Gayle's Bakery, Capitola (rec: their perfectly-executed princess cakes)

1. Moki's (rec: Ecstasy Roll, spare ribs)
2. Okoze
3. Sushi Zone
4. Tsunami
5. Goemon

Power Lunches
1. The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus
2. DeLessio Market
3. South Park Café
4. Bocadillos
5. Dragon House

1. Just For You
2. Slow Club
3. Memphis Minnie's
4. Home Plate
5. Great Eastern (for dim sum)

1. Big Nate's BBQ: delivers citywide east of Arguello
2. Jasmine Tea House
3. Zante's Indian Pizza
4. Yum Yum House
5. Amici's Pizzeria

Late Night Dining
1. Globe
2. Thai House
3. La Suite
4. Absinthe
5. Medjool

Truly Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants
1. Millennium
2. Golden Era
3. Chaat Café
4. Greens
5. Geranium

Inexpensive but Cool First Date Restaurants
1. Emmy's Spaghetti Shack
2. Baobab/Little Baobab
3. Cav Wine Bar
4. Little Star Pizza
5. Chow

Ideal for Groups
1. Charanga
2. Great Eastern
3. Cha Cha Cha
4. Suppenkuche
5. Pauline's Pizza

Hot Restaurants
1. Canteen
2. Bar Crudo
3. Ame
4. Quince
5. Bar Tartine

1. Swan Oyster Depot
2. Yabbies Coastal Kitchen
3. Fish: Sausalito
4. R & G Lounge for crab (when it's available)
5. Ship to Shore Fish Market and BBQ, Half Moon Bay

Organic Groceries
1. The Good Life: Bernal Heights and Potrero Hill (good selection of both bulk items and fresh meat + seafood)
2. Rainbow Grocery
3. Bi-Rite Market
4. Real Foods
5. Oakville Grocery

Contributors: Sarah Sung, Nish Nadaraja, Adrienne Fitch-Frankel, Brigid Finley, Reyhan Harmanci, Gloria Tai, Amy Sherman, Kate Leahy, Sidra Durst