The Beginning of the End of the Road

Event has passed (Sun May 18, 2008 - Mon May 19, 2008)
The Garage
$10 - $20
Dance, Theater, Modern Dance, Performance Arts


RAW (Resident Artists Workshop) presents Aura Fischbeck and Sonia Reiter in a trilogy of work inspired by apocalyptic predictions, current trends, and Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road'.

The evening will explore and expose catastrophic isolation, residual beauty and survival tactics through solo dance, film and a duet with direction and music by Kathleen Hermesdorf & Albert Mathias of MOTIONLAB.

Face the opposite of endlessness and taste bittersweet hope in the visceral form of articulate, eclectic motion.

"Aura Fischbeck is one of those dancer-choreographers who blows into town and starts performing with more established colleagues while they create their own choreographies. At first they appear in group shows until they accumulate enough material for their own programs. Fischbeck isn't quite there yet. Her most recent appearance at the Garage — about as underground a venue as you can have in the city — included the work of another excellent dancer, Travis Rowland, who is just expanding his career into choreography.

The three pieces Fischbeck presented confirmed an earlier impression of her as a choreographer willing to restrict her movement ideas to shape them better. It's a process that works. Relay, performed by Fischbeck, Sarah Pfeifle, and Leigh Riley, grouped three very different performers in a kind of game in which unisons periodically acted as page-turners to reveal new permutations on given material. This rigorous, formal process enhanced the individuality of the dancers.

Compass, which took the dance into nature via a video by Chris Wise, was a fierce, space-eating solo in which Fischbeck's arms rotated as if trying to unscrew from their sockets — when they weren't shooting out like laser beams, that is." -- Rita Felciano, SFBG

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