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The ANT Show

Local music has a new ally...

During the tech boom, music in San Francisco suffered. As real estate skyrocketed, affordable practice studios disappeared to make way for swanky live/work loft spaces. Many of the live music venues fell prey to entrepreneurs looking to capitalize off of the influx of young urban professionals. Spaces were gobbled up and converted to clubs, and venues shifted interest from live music to lounge seating, designer cocktails, and world beat techno. Unable to compete, San Francisco musicians packed up and headed to Los Angelos, Austin, and New York, seeking a more supportive environment in which to pursue their craft

However, the bubble has burst and so has, it seems, its unintentional control over live music in San Francisco. Several large rehearsal complexes have opened and are operating in full swing, each supporting hundreds of bands. Clubs are following suit. In the very recent history, we have seen venues like The Paradise Lounge and 12 Galaxies retrofitted, remodeled, and otherwise revamped in order to better serve the increasing demands of the live-music listening public.

Enter the ANT Show. Currently in its fledgling months of operation, the ANT Show (short for AlterNative Tuesdays) is an effort from the promoters side to stimulate the local live music scene in San Francisco. The concept is ambitious: provide local talent with an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their music in a well-run and well-supported club, solicit sponsorship to spike interest and boost attendance, keep the door charge to a minimum, attract the attention of record labels, and help San Francisco re-emerge as a relevant breeding ground for new music. Essentially, the ANT Show is looking to help provide local musicians with the support they need to keep them forging ahead, and to keep them in the Bay Area.

The ANT Show, as reflected by its name, is presented every Tuesday night, from 8:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. In order to create consistency while still maintaining breadth, the promoters dedicate each show to a different genre of music. For example, one night might be billed as "The ANT Hardcore Show", and another might be billed as "The ANT Hip-Hop Show". The various ANT Music Showcases are punctuated by special events that maintain a focus on local music. Special nights in the works include a Rollerskating Party, Election Day Event, and a Love Parade Celebration.

The ANT Show is an excellent opportunity for musicians. It provides a professional stage, well-managed sound system, and has its own dedicated soundperson. With 4 to 5 bands playing a night, and the minimal or free admission, the ANT Show draws a varied audience, creating the potential for excellent exposure. While there are certainly other events that support burgeoning artists in the area, the ANT Show allows smaller bands to play in a space usually reserved for acts with a substantial draw.

The show has a permanent Tuesday night slot at Studio Z, in SOMA. A 600-person capacity converted warehouse, Studio Z is an impressively large space with a full stage, green rooms, and a hefty light & sound setup. Its hardwood floors, brick walls, and beamed ceilings provide a unique ambience and good acoustics. Additionally, there is a full bar, and an upper balcony/lounge area at the rear of the space.

Local musicians have a new ally in San Francisco. The ANT Show is a fantastic resource for up and coming bands, and should give Bay Area listeners a chance to sample a fantastic cross-section of Northern California talent. Keep your eyes out for the ANT Show.

To book the ANT Show, email: [email protected]