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Thai Massage SF ~ Thai Yoga Massage Sessions and Workshops

Thai massage is Integrative Bodywork combining acupressure, applied yoga stretches, breathwork and meditative awareness for energetic balancing.

* Promotes relaxation
* Relieves tension and reduces stress
* Increases flexibility and range of motion
* Improves circulation ond overall well-being

Adaptable for bodies of any ability. Individualized intuitive practice for health maintenance, prevention and wellness.

Thai Massage ~ Ancient Yoga Bodywork
Originating in ancient India some 2500 years ago, this healing art spread with Buddhism and was handed down through generations in temples and village families.

Thai Massage SF offers Sessions and Workshops in the tradition of the Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage. See for information and Internation course calendar.

Wendy Wiseman, LMT, a Lotus Palm certified teacher and practitioner has over 18 years experience working with the body.