TetzelCoin In-Person Confessional

Wed Nov 1
The Convent Arts Collective
06:30 PM
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TetzelCoin (https://tetzelcoin.com/) goes live on October 31st!
Repent and celebrate with us on November 1st as we reincarnate medieval-era indulgences in the form of TetzelCoin, a blockchain-based confessional app. Set against the backdrop of a former chapel, we're creating a unique, in-person experience where you can confess your sins and purchase absolution in the form of SIN tokens, the cryptocurrency of forgiveness. Simply bring yourself, your misdeeds and some cash. There's no minimum price for confession - just the amount you believe your sin is worth. Confession will run throughout the entire event. There will additionally be a service at 8:30 PM. WHAT IS TETZELCOIN? TetzelCoin is a blockchain-based confessional app. Modeled after medieval-era indulgences, TetzelCoin lets you confess a sin and pay money for your forgiveness. In return you receive SIN tokens, a digital asset showing that you have been forgiven. The confessions and how much they're worth are publicly recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and displayed in TetzelCoin's Table of Sins. 85% of the proceeds from TetzelCoin will go to RIP Medical Debt, a non-profit that forgives medical debt.


  1. The Convent Arts Collective
    660 Oak Street, San Francisco, CA