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Telefon Tel Aviv - Remixes Compiled

Released on Hefty Records , 5/15/07

The New Orleans-based duo of Joshua Eustis and Charlie Cooper (aka Telefon Ten Aviv) have cut their teeth with a myriad of A-list musicians including Nine Inch Nails, Eminem, and others. Additionally, their distinctive work has been included in a myriad of film scores. In Remixes Compiled, Telefon Tel Aviv has assembled a compendium of their best remixed work including the remixed work of Nine Inch Nails, Bebel Gilberto, and several others.

The first of TTA’s remixes is an electronic whir and beep infused version of Nine Inch Nail’s "Even Deeper". Despite the absence of the dark and solemn lyrics of the original ("I woke up today to find myself in the other place with a trail of footprints from where I ran away…"), there is a decidedly dark and foreboding tone to TTA’s version that suggests plenty.

TTA follows "Even Deeper" up with a solid remix of Bebel Gilberto’s "All Around". Bebel’s seductive and sultry vocals are complemented nicely the electronic stylings of TTA. What was originally a melancholy and mournful track becomes markedly more complex and resonating when backed by TTA’s signature electronic remix.

One of the more intriguing tracks from Remixes Compiled is TTA’s reimagining of the American Analog Set’s "The Green Green Grass". Given the American Analog Set’s aversion to digital, it’s more than a bit ironic that TTA would choose to remix "The Green Green Grass". A track that largely bemoans the frustrations of getting entangled with a woman who has her heart in multiple places sounds no less compelling with TTA’s digital touch.

Another standout track is a remix of Oliver Nelson’s "Stolen Moments". Devoid of the wonderful lyrics in Nelson’s original rendition ("If I hold you and squeeze you darlin’, would you linger a while today?"), TTA’s version doesn’t lack the powerful romantic qualities of the original version. TTA adds an ethereal, sweeping quality to the song that lingers long after the track has run its course.

The languid and melancholy "Fading Away" by the Hamburg-based Nitrada is a prime candidate for some TTA remixing and while Nitrada’s original version is a solid enough track, TTA’s version has a much more substantial feel and texture to it. TTA’s efforts give "Fading Away" an added dimension that simply wasn’t present in the original.

The balance of the remaining tracks on Remixes Compiled is consistently moody, atmospheric, and replete with various creative electronic flourishes. The album works for the most part, but admittedly many of the tracks sound strikingly similar and at times it’s difficult to distinguish where one track ends and the other begins. There is also a fairly consistent dark tone/feel that becomes a bit repetitive. However, TTA has assembled a fairly solid compilation of remixes that are worth at least one listen.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars