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Safety and Beauty

In a city that caters to beauty and health, Russian Hill's Teashi stands out as a day spa that carefully yet wonderfully considers both. Translated from Japanese, Teashi literally means hands and feet, which is of course the main, but not only, attraction here. Owned and operated by sister and brother Anne and Bill Freeman, the spa was designed to create a relaxed, social environment where service and safety both play equally important roles.

Safety? In a day spa? Well yes, it's actually something that a lot of mani-pedi places don't devote much attention to, and that should be of some concern to you. Teashi's sterilization standards far exceed those required by the State of California. After each and every service, tools are placed in an autoclave. Used by surgeons and dentists, this device doesn't just sanitize, it sterilizes; and when it comes to your precious hands and feet, that's something you really want.

This same attention to cleanliness is seen again in the plumbing system of the porcelain foot sinks (used for pedicures) that allows fresh water to enter through one pipe and exit, instead of re-circulate, through a separate one. Teashi takes bacteria and disinfecting seriously, so you don't have to worry about it yourself.

The space itself has a warm Asian influence, with pink-tinted being the color of choice. Teashi is fully equipped for facials, waxing and massage in the upstairs treatment rooms. Downstairs, the eight upholstered mani-pedi "thrones" face each other, all the easier to gossip from. If you're feeling introverted, use your downtime to get caught up on the latest styles and fashions with Teashi's surprisingly unisex selection of magazines.

Indeed, Teashi is on the lips of many city gals and guys, these days. Tuesdays are officially now designated as B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Boy) days. Bring a boy (or if you're male, bring yourself) and you'll receive $5 off any mani-pedi combo or 10% off any facial, waxing or massage service. Not a bad way for both sexes to inter-mingle, no? Seriously, men in particular are missing out on this sort of pampering, and in reality probably need it more than women, who tend to have a better daily cleaning regimen anyways.

Loyal customers keep coming back to Teashi not only for the professional and attentive service but also because the spa has really taken those extra steps to create a safe, fun and unique atmosphere. It's virtually impossible to leave in a bad mood since everyone -- from the staff to the other lovely patrons -- is really that friendly. After a visit, you'll see why too.