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Take a Stroll Down Beauty Boulevard

A bevy of skincare and makeup boutiques have recently sprung up in the Fillmore district. These boutiques will answer all your primping needs in a 24-hour day, from the basics of a skincare regime to painting a dramatic, cosmopolitan look.

Jurlique, is the brainchild of the husband and wife team Dr. Jurgen and Ulrike Klein. They strive to create skincare products that are pure, organic, and hypo-allergenic. The Australian based company has gained recognition from cooing celebrities who woo its elixir-like properties. Their Fillmore location (and sister Santa Clara store) offers a full line of aromatherapeutic concoctions that emphasize the hydration of the epidermis. If you're in need of pampering your skin at a low price, try their 4-step regime pack for $60. Expect to shell out $200- $300 for a full skincare regiment uniquely designed for your skin; from makeup remover to moisturizer. The boutique also doubles as a full service waxing, facial and body treatment salon.

*Good buys: Herbal Recovery Gel - an all-botanical potent moisturizer for day and night & Aromatic Hydrating Face Wash Cream - blended with tahini, almonds and oatbran.

Treat Aveda Lifestyle Salon takes a slightly different spin on aromathera-beauty. The Aveda Corporation was created by environmentalist Horst M. Rechelbacher in 1978, and has expanded all over the world with its herbal and plant-based products. With a full-service area for haircare, spa services, and lounging, the Fillmore salon oozes Zen. As you step inside, you are offered a cup of Aveda Comforting Tea: a soothing, caffeine-free blend of peppermint, pure flower essences, and licorice root. The environmental consciousness is evident as you observe the room; from the recycled floors to the organic cotton robes. Treat Aveda Lifestyle Salon carries makeup, full skincare, haircare, and bodycare lines with earthy scents for men and women. You can even create your own signature line of Pure Fume from over 100 different natural scents. Each can be blended into shampoo or body washes.

*Good treat: With any hair, face, or body treatment, you receive a calming herbal hand and foot bath, and makeup finishing touch.

The Kiehl's family opened its first New York store in 1851 and has been making the same high quality products ever since. They've expanded their stores on the West Coast, by opening their second store in the Fillmore. Walk into Kiehl's, and you'll feel like you're in an upscale apothecary. They pride themselves by painstakingly donning no-nonsense labels that highlight each ingrediant. Kiehl's offers a variety of products for different skin and hair types. The body washes and shampoos are fabulous with the subtlest of scents. They even tout items geared for athletic types, bambinos, and for horses!

*Good tries: Score serious samplage here. Kiehl's believes in sampling, hence their full bounty of trial size packets, great for toting on weekend trips!

At San Francisco based Benefit, it's all about getting dolled up. The twin owners, simply known as Jean and Jane, opened their shop in 1976. They built their store around accentuating natural beauty products and were soon raved by the likes of In Style and Lucky magazines. You're bound to be placed in a sassy, girly-girl mood as 80's music sets the store's ambiance and you're flashed with kitschy packaging and wild product names. The Fake-It line carries items that hide the bad and emphasize the good. Lip Plump is a lip primer that smooths the lips and fills dry lines. This helps to emphasize smoochy lips that would even make Angelina Jolie jealous. Another hit is the Benetint, a stain to give a rosy flush to the cheeks or lips. The salesgirls encourage you to play in this playground of beauty.

*Good freebies: Ask to be in the benefreebie club. With every $200 you spend, you get $10 off your next purchase.

If it's color you want, don't look any further than Mac. Now owned by Estee Lauder, this slick makeup palace had its beginnings in the backstages of fashion shows. This store is bound to make any girl cry by boasting over 150 hues of eyeshadows (in six textures), more than 200 lip colors, concealers and sheer powders. MAC also carries a basic line of skincare, but it's obvious their emphasis is in their range of hues. A one-time makeup application costs $40, while a makeup lesson costs $90.

*Good Deal: Twice a month, the shop has in-store events where you can get a free makeup application with a required in-store purchase of $50.

Skincare and makeup enthusiasts will be in heaven while visiting Beauty Boulevard. Each store is unique in its approach to finding your inner beauty. So the next time you take a walk down to the Fillmore, don't forget to rediscover your beautiful self.

2134 Fillmore Street
(Fillmore @ Sacramento
Hours: Monday - Saturday (10 am - 6 pm), Sunday (12 noon - 5 pm)
Sunday (11 am - 5 pm), Mondays closed
Phone: 415.346.7881

Treat Aveda Lifestyle Salon
1928 Fillmore Street
(Fillmore @ Pine)
Hours: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday (9:30 am - 7 pm), Wednesday & Thursday (9:30am - 8pm)
Sunday (11 am - 5 pm), Mondays closed
Phone: 415.567.0166

2360 Fillmore Street
(Fillmore @ Washington)
Hours: Monday - Saturday (10 am - 7 pm), Sunday (12 noon - 6 pm)
Phone: 415.359.9260

2117 Fillmore Street
(Fillmore @ California)
Hours: Monday - Wednesday (10 am - 7 pm), Thursday & Friday (9:30 am - 7 pm)
Saturday (9 am - 6:30 pm), Sunday (10 am - 6 pm)
Phone: 415.567.0242

2011 Fillmore Street
(Fillmore & Pine)
Hours: Monday - Saturday (11am - 7pm), Sunday (11am - 6pm) Phone: 415.885.2966