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Take A Breather!


Oh, the season has finally closed. As the Castro closed down its operations on Sunday, ending the Castro Street fair with its massive turnout audience, so closed the long, drunken street fair festival season that has been keeping marketers, merchants, and myself quite busy since Gay Pride in late June. I can honestly say that I am happy to see it close, and am only dreading that it means the Holidays are right around the corner. Ugh! That said, there was plenty of excitement to close the season off with a bang! Let’s discuss.

The greatest event of the week was truly the Castro Street Faire. George, the director of the fair and a friend of mine, executed the event masterfully. It celebrated Harvey Milk on the eve of his motion picture debuted, and all the great history that goes along with his legacy. It was befitting of the great gay civil rights icon to have a venue that brought the neighborhood, however I feel he might of found it a bit wholesome. Then again, he may have bought some “art” too.

My favorite part of the Castro Street Faire is undoubtedly Sugar Valley! It is zany and fun for the whole family, and really shows off the arts community that defines gay nightlife in a fun, daytime sort of way. A gaggle of performers from about the scene threw a tea party a-la Alice in Wonderland. It was precious, Anna Conda as the Mad Hatter, Lady Bear as the Cheshire Cat, and children and adults alike celebrating their “un-birthday” with the gang of revelers! There was even a cake walk in Sugar Valley held by the ever lovely Diamond Daggers, and I won a cake! Maybe it wasn’t the best cake ever, but it tasted like love slice after slice!

The best part about the Castro Street Faire, not surprisingly, was the absence of those fucking obnoxious teenagers that mobbed the streets the day before for the much loathed Love-Fest! Yuck! What a bore! For the first time, and at the insistence of the promoters, Honey Sound system and their cohorts at Homo Chic had a float, and there theme was Funereal. If the theme was indication of the gay stance on LoveFest, which from this point forward I refuse to capitalize, it is simply that this party so, SO ten years ago that it should be mourned. It's OVER, and we have moved on from Ecstasy in the afternoon in a government plaza. Amen, I leave it to annoying teenagers who raid my streets and trains once a year!

My highlight of the week was defiantly the House of Salad show that I have been plugging for the last month. I love the House of Salad, and it turns out that the people do, too! A PR professional couldn’t have booked a chic, savvy crowd like the one that turned out for the festivities at Kimos. It was a who’s who of the hottest folk in town who celebrated with Mother Salad and the girls of her house, and the show was unreal! Multimedia extravaganzas like these are very uncommon for Drag shows. The house made a music video, had an array of hosts and numbers and multiple live sing-alongs, not to mention their ever popular poppers toast! Everyone was in agreement that it was one of the better events of the season, and as usual looks forward to more and more!

So, finally, after months and months of mayhem, I can finally relax a little, knowing that the extravaganzas are finally done with. But while I am resting, who will be revving up for spooky Halloween Bedlam? Who will be warming her fingers up until next Friday night in preparation for he Snappy show? Who got tanked at the Castro Street Faire Cake walk, and who just simply came undone for the sake of available beers? Well, I guess that was a bunch of fags, but I will never tell, as I have made a commitment to all of ya’ll in the form of a Pinkyswear!