Synergy Sound Recording Studio

2001 Via Pacifica, Aptos, CA
(831) 688-3963
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Synergy Sound is a full service professional recording studio in Santa Cruz County. Pride of meeting the demands of a world class Audio recording and Post Production facility. In affiliation with Strike Four Entertainment to provide a "no compromise" Audio/Video production solution. Focusing on many aspects of the music industry, Synergy Sound will strengthen the novice to the largest of performing artist. Catering to professionals in the music industry such as musicians, song writers, producers and engineers to bring forth talent and enhance creativity. With the idea of a one-stop-shop we integrate Audio, video, graphic design, and on location productions. As an Analog and Digital recording studio Synergy Sound offers much to those in the recording arts, providing some of the worlds most prized recording equipment. PRO TOOLS HD3, STUDER A 827, Numerous outboard PreAmps/Compressors/EQ's/Converters/Mics: 1176, LA2A, Neve Avalon, Neve, Apogee, Universal Audio,Nueman,Much mor