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Sweets Treats

Decadence for Body and Soul

We know that for some, New Years' resolutions are still in effect. But Valentine's Day means sweet treats no matter what diet you might be on. This year if you or your beloved intend to "stick with the program" you can still indulge in something sweet that is entirely fat, sugar, and calorie free. Here are some of our favorite goodies to tantalize your body and soothe your soul.

For the all-natural girl try the following products from Lush on Union Street or in Union Square:

Lush packs their handmade cosmetics with all natural essential oils. Many products are all organic and some are even vegan. For romantic times try the vegan After 8:30 Massage Bar ($8.95), a light and dark chocolate, peppermint bar that will be a treat for both your sense of touch and smell.

To sweeten lips, we suggest the Whipstick ($7.95) a lightly whipped chocolate, orange, tangerine and vanilla flavored blend of moisturizers and emollients packed in a tiny pot.

A more extravagant treat is the Sugar Bon Bon Gift ($39.95) filled with Candy Fluff dusting powder, two bath bombs, a sensuous Soft Coeur massage bar, and a Creamy Candy bubble bar (all of these items are also available individually).

For your "best girl" stop by Sephora (on Union Street or in Union Square) and grab a handful of body pampering products.

If your gal is looking for willpower, give her Philosophy Willpower Shower ($16 each), an ultra rich 3-in-1 conditioning shampoo, body wash and bubble bath. Willpower Shower comes in delicious flavors like Raspberry Sorbet, Strawberry Milkshake, Coconut Cream Pie, Café Au Lait and Double Rich Hot Cocoa. These products are fun and practical at the same time and the scents won't linger after the bath or shower is over.

Philosophy claims that indulging in these scents may curb your cravings for the real thing. We especially like the idea of combining a couple of these products to replicate your favorite treats such as Coconut Cream Pie and Double Rich Hot Cocoa to create your own version of a Mounds bar or Café Au Lait and Double Rich Hot Cocoa to make the perfect morning mocha.

Even for your girliest girl, Sephora has beauty products that will accommodate her.
Santa Barbara based Jaqua is known for their sweet Bakery and Café Collections. Their products smell good enough to eat but are made for giving you the spa experience at home. Inspired by cold nights sipping hot cocoa, Sinfully Rich Body Butters in Marshmallow Cocoa or Chocolat ($20 each) have the power to transform one into an irresistible dessert. They also come with the warning that they are not actually edible!

We wouldn't forget about your best guy. Neiman-Marcus, in Union Square, has something that will put a spark in everyone's flame. Women love candles, in fact they buy 96% of all candles in the US. But men don't have to be in touch with their feminine side to appreciate the clean sophisticated scents of Fresh candles ($45 each). These super luxurious candles are made in France and come with a bakelite cover to snuff out the flame, protect the candle and its fragrance. They will burn for 50 hours.

Heat up the night with a Sugar candle, a mix of citrus, caramel and tonka bean. Another masculine favorite is Demitasse a heady blend of coffee, crème Chantilly, cocoa, amber, vanilla, musk, sandalwood and vetiver.