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Swaggering in Pinstripes

What a difference a week makes. Two debates. Two games. Two wins. The Yankees sure are looking tough. A week ago the Boston Red Sox looked like world beaters, or at least Yankee-beaters. They were ready to romp toward the World Series.

They had just swept a tough Angel team with the grace usually reserved a champion. Of course, the Yankees put away the Twins with impressive back to back wins in the Twin Cities, which should have indicated more clearly how tough they are. I bought into the Red Sox hype, thinking that, like the Lakers, hubris can only get you so far. And make no mistake, the Yankees definitely have that kind of confident swagger to them. But, the Red Sox were poised. I thought, "This year is going to be the year when 'The Curse' is put to rest."

And then, some stupid developer tempted fate and tore down the Babe's old home in Boston to put up townhouses. Who knew it would rile up the Babe's spirit so? The Babe reached out from his grave, into the Boston locker room and double locked the curse he already had on the BoSox, making sure to tweak Schilling's foot in the process. That's the best rated-G story so far. The X-rated version has something to do with Pedro, daddy, jerry curls, David Ortiz' bat and Schilling's foot.

Sadly, I only wish that were the truth. In reality, the Red Sox have to get back to playing baseball. Stop talking about who's whose Daddy and such. This can be a competitive series again. If the BoSox don't believe that, why are they playing the game? The games have been close. It comes down to one game, one out, one inning at a time.

Game one had the makings of a huge comeback. But when you have to face Mariano Rivera with the game on the line. What to do? Choke up, as in cry, because there will be no 9th inning rally. Boston needs to be ahead by the 8th inning. Other keys for the Yankees have been the starters -- Musina got to the seventh before he fell apart with a big lead and Jon Lieber pitched seven strong innings on Wednesday. If Boston can't get to the Yankee starters in a big way, forget about it. The Red Sox will be facing Rivera once again with the game on the line. Also, not to be forgotten, Gary Sheffield (5/8 hitting) has led the team effort at the plate. Lastly, leadership from guys like Jeter, Williams, and Rivera has shined through.

So the Yankees have that swagger and their wowing us in the process. It will take a minor miracle to take it way from them. Of course there is the World Series to see what's what. Unfortunately for the Red Sox, it looks like it will be the Yankees who get the chance to extend their legacy. Though, if you think about it, the Red Sox are doing the same.