Sustainable Bottling – Tank18 version of BYOB

Event has passed (Sat Feb 16, 2013 - Sat Mar 16, 2013)
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Wine, Food, Play!

Tired of those wine bottles clanking together, creating a less than desirable reputation with the neighbors every time you find yourself headed to the recycling bin? Ditch the shame and take your love of wine and green living to the next level at Tank18’s BYOB events. You’ll have the opportunity to give that used, empty wine bottle a brand new life while scoring a great tasting bottle of wine at a steal. Come on, everyone knows that reusing glass is much better for the environment than using that big blue bin. Get your karma and your buzz on at Tank18!

Sustainable bottling is easy: Drink your wine–> Rinse your bottle–> Refill @ Tank18 –> Repeat! Sustainable Bottling events start at $7.99/bottle when you bring your own glass. Tank18 will then refill and cork your washed out bottle. Don’t have a stash of bottles lying around? Don’t worry, for $2, we’ll supply the bottle for you. Really. It’s that simple.

Bring as many bottles as you like, supply is limited so get there early.

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