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Sushigroove South

Martel and Nabiel's latest venture, a sister hot spot to Hyde Street's infamous Sushigroove, has brightened up SOMA, giving even the most crowd-shy diners a reason to wade through the nightlife jungle of 11th and Folsom. This sleek, warm space is most often home to casual swarms of e-society types making eyes at one another over their cold unfiltered lemon sake cocktails. You won't need your beer goggles here -- everyone is attractive, and so is the inventive cuisine.

There is a rotating menu of Pacific Rim tapas, including one very succulent miso-glazed sea bass and a beautiful treatment of beef. On the nigiri list, note brave offerings like foie gras sushi and beef tenderloin sushi, both incredibly buttery and savory. Fighting for top slot on the menu are the mango-hamachi roll and the spider roll, both truly exceptional versions of the sushi-fest favorites. All of the fish is fresh, generous, and delicious. Prices, too, are reasonable, making it a great place to go with people of various budgetary ranges. You can spend anywhere from $15 to $100 a head without a blink.

Dessert doesn't disappoint, although it's heavy on the dairy (this is not a bad thing). The ice creams and flaky pastry crusts are delectable. The service is spotty and a touch forgetful, but who cares once you've got a big fat cocktail in hand. Everyone on staff is very friendly (and hot), making the room not only pleasant for chilling but also rather easy on the eyes. For that casual date or a glamorous night out with the posse, Sushigroove South is a safe bet -- but you'd better go on and get yourself a reservation first.