Super7 - Haight Street

1427 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.553.6155
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Arts, Clothes and Accessories, Shopping, Specialty Store
Sun - Sat (11am - 7pm)
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Founded in 2001 as a magazine about the obsessive-compulsive nature of collecting Japanese toys, Super7 intended to become an outlet for information and reference guide for some of the more obscure corners of the toy universe.

Much to their surprise, the magazine was an immediate success, and led to Super7 collaborating with many Japanese toy manufacturers to create special editions for the magazine. These collaborations evolved over time from simple recolors to new designs created by the Super7 staff themselves.

In May 2004, Super7 opened their first store in San Francisco, as a way to make the toy store that they had always wanted to visit.

This philosophy, of making all of their products - toys, books, magazines, t-shirts, and even their own store as they would want them as fans and collectors has allowed Super7 to make some of the most unique items in recent memory.