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Sticky K

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

Currently the buzz on the Beatport electro-house charts with his new EP, California, and the resident DJ of GoldSweat SF, Sticky K is a force to be reckoned with. Sharing a spot on the Dubsided label roster with the likes of Jesse Rose and Switch, and dropping original electro bangers that have quickly garnered international attention, Sticky K chats with SF Station about his rapidly rising career.

SF Station (SFS): Tell us the beginnings of your DJ career.

Sticky K (SK): I started DJing in college. My roommates started a local T-shirt company and we used to throw these promotional parties and we needed someone to DJ. Once we got a pirated copy of Traktor, it was on!

SFS: How did you come up with "Sticky K"?

SK: A lot of people ask me what the name Sticky K means. Some people think it's a sexual or weed reference, or some even think it's alluding to horse tranquilizer. I think their imagination is far more interesting than whatever reason I had. It's just a short catchy name to me.

SFS: How did you connect with the Dubsided crew?

SK: I went to a rave in the city a year ago and gave my demo to Jesse Rose, who is also on the label. He then gave me Switch's number and the rest, as they say, is history.

SFS: What are some of the influences for the latest EP?

SK: I'd say the new EP has three distinct elements that got blended together: American hip-hop, UK house, and Persian music I'm Iranian American. Put it all together and I think you have my sound.

SFS: How do you come up with the minimal, yet original, names of your tracks?

SK: Naming tracks is always done at the last second, but there are two Persian references. The track "Cyrus the Great" is named after the founder of the ancient Persian Empire.

SFS: You have DJed with some huge acts. Could you tell us about any unforgettable collaborations?

SK: I loved DJing with Jack Beats when they came here. Beni G was an absolute class act, like a true English gentleman. I also love playing with my local homeboys Pance Party you should definitely check them out. Last time we played together was this party GoldSweat. I'm the resident DJ and play there the second Saturday of every month.

SFS: Any place you want to travel to in 2010, ideally?

SK: I would like to hit up Australia just because they seem to be such a responsive crowd. It would be a great to play in England, like at Fabric or something!

SFS: Why haven't you moved out to LA or NY, or other big cities?

SK: I was born in Marin County General and lived in Sausalito for several years and then moved to Los Altos. Since we have so much family north of the city, I've been coming through San Francisco my whole life. SF is pretty dear to my heart.

However, I do plan on moving to LA next year. Part of this has to do with the fact that I've been closely collaborating with Switch who lives there.

SFS: What's next for you in 2010?

SK: 2010 is going to be crazy. I'm hopefully going to put out my album and do some global touring.

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