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Static of the Gods – Knowledge Machine

Released by delVerano Records, 3/23/10

Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

A computer might be able to bring up facts, bits of knowledge as fast as a human, but will it ever be able to experience the range of feelings like love, forgiveness, longing and hope? In today’s technological world where the blending of humans and machines are becoming more prevalent, Static of the Gods release their second album, Knowledge Machine, hoping to portray the human experience in 11 tracks that your computer will never understand.

The Boston-based group comprised of Jen Johnson, Mike Latulippe, and Ben Voskeritchian ventured up to Vermont to record this vibrant album at Hounds’ Hollow. With most of the writing completed while touring along this vast countryside playing shows, the farmhouse studio recreated those feelings present while encountering dramatic landscapes and spaces.

At the onset, “Rest Your Head” describes the long journey the group has come from, and where they’ve been both musically and personally. The maturity of the lyrics display that while looking outside themselves they found themselves. An expansive and melodic sound only further justifies the brilliant songwriting.

One of my favorite pieces of Knowledge Machine is “Fire-Eater”. Musically and lyrically, it is a stunning representation of the beauties, difficulties ,and wonders of love. Johnson, Voskeritchian, and Latulippe do a masterful job of portraying a universal feeling through the majesty of sound.

The vocals and guitar on “True North” is just one of several transformative pieces that render this musical journey extraordinary. It’s an impressive last song that musically builds to an aurally golden crescendo. It feels like the first step after all you lived through has shaped your being, and everything out there is possible and you are ready to go get it. Static of the Gods heads in a magnetic and genuine direction, “where the sun shines all the time.”