Spundae 15 Year Anniversary

Event has passed (Thu Mar 6, 2008 - Fri Mar 7, 2008)
Ruby Skye
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Thursday: March 6 - 9pm

Ruby Skye and Spundae present
Spundae 15 Year Anniversary

Special 2 Night Event

James Zabiela
(jameszabiela.com, myspace.com/jameszabiela)

James Zabiela's
Perseverance E.P. 2x12 and Digital out NOW

(deadmau5.com, myspace.com/deadmau5)

Plus support from:
The Amazing
Jondi & Spesh
(Looq Records, Qool, jondiandspesh.com)

Light Jock: Allan Susanto

Visuals by freeMAN

Space, the final frontier. As the smartest club in Ibiza opens its doors to welcome in their shiny new resident, James Zabiela just smiles and blinks a little. See, the ride here has been kinda fast. And while its been a relatively bump-free trip to acceptance and ubiquity, it's still blinkin' quick. Two years ago, James Zabiela popped his Balearic cherry by warming up for Sasha at the place the island calls Inside At Space. Wowing the crowd - and We Love boss Darren Hughes - with two hours of snappy, synth-fixated, breakbeat action - it was a defining moment in his DJ career. Two years later, he's now the club's new bi-weekly resident. It's official. Now "that's" what I call progression. Knowing what a great track should sound like - and the place it can be taken by warping and twisting it - is James Zabiela's forte. Layering different sounds with the aid of two Pioneer CDJ1000s, a Pioneer DJM600 and a pair of trusty Technics 1210s, his hands and ears don't let up for a second, leaving any punters feet a-moving and mouth a-gap. And his demands for such kit wherever he spins is a reminder that he's one of the scant few DJs who's pushing things forward in 03. James's style is trippy, bleepy and deeply - nay, downright - groovy. Oh, and watch out for a few gnarly basslines along the way. Those nasty, dirty sounds are a part of Jay-Z's signature sound now. Scratches, loops, fluttering chord changes and are all par for the course in a Zabiela set.

Found lurking in the creative laboratory known as the ‘deadmau5 disco den of despair and inequity’ this creative ingenue runs the gamut of beats unlike any other. Since his inception deadmau5 has stormed our planet with chart topping action and playlists from the best of the best. deadmau5's magnificent stylings have a captured an audience that has moves with him and his sounds. Ranging from thumping to the electro, the weird and the strong - one thing has become synonymous with deadmau5 and that is world class quality. This Canadian native transplanted from the borders of Niagara Falls to Toronto and that's just the beginning of his tale. In Niagara he was the co-producer of a radio program "the party revolution" and that may very well have been the launch of the deadmau5. From the many collaborations which have transpired alongside friend and companion sound genius Steve Duda, the moniker of BSOD was born.

Friday: March 7 - 9pm

Ruby Skye and Spundae present
Spundae 15 Year Anniversary

Special 2 Night Event

Gabriel & Dresden
Exclusive 4 Hour Set

"Toolroom Knights" mixed by Gabriel & Dresden available in stores & online.

Plus support from

Alain Octavo
(Spundae, alainoctavo.com)

Syd Gris
(Opel, Opulent Temple)

Light Jock: Allan Susanto

Visuals by freeMAN

It would have been simple to take the easy route. After all, Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden – better known as Gabriel & Dresden – boast one of the most impressive résumés in contemporary dance music, with over half a dozen #1 Billboard Dance chart hits to their credit, including remixes for Annie Lennox ("Pavement Cracks"), Jewel ("Intuition"), Sarah McLachlan ("Fallen"), and "Me Against The Music" by Britney Spears featuring Madonna. Anyone who has scrutinized their music closely recognizes, the reason Gabriel & Dresden have attained this pinnacle of success – in a genre that is too often defined by clichés – is because they never follow the easy, predictable route. And they weren't about to start with Bloom. "We wanted to make an experience of new music, that people are going to remember, with maybe a couple things that they know from the past," emphasizes Dresden. A mix CD that would stand the test of time, a la the cream of the Northern Exposure or Global Underground discs. With this in mind, the duo chose a handful of tracks by other artists they felt passionate about, as well as select gems from their own catalog. Then, using those cuts as pivotal points, they rounded the program out by composing new material. "We ended up producing several new songs specifically to fit a particular spot in the set," explains Dresden.

Alain Octavo is renowned for his dynamic style of electronic music, showcasing various sounds of house, techno and trance. Though he is often acknowledged for his talent to organize a great production, it is his array of music spanning two decades that encourages him to push the possibilities of dance music. An integral part of San Francisco's dance culture, Alain began his profession in 1995 producing underground events at legendary venues around the San Francisco Bay Area. By the following year, his innovative ideas created a growing kinship with industry professionals throughout California co-producing events the west coast has never experienced and shattering every attendance record to date.

Dr. Syd Gris. A renaissance man of the SF dance music community, Syd was recently again voted one of the top 10 djs in San Francisco. He is the founder and leader of the Opulent Temple, one of the premiere sound stages at the Burning Man festival, as well as one of the organizers of the San Francisco LoveFest, (formerly Loveparade San Francisco). He heads up his own production company in San Francisco under the name Opel Productions, with a mission to throw ‘conscious parties with purpose’. His musical tastes and dj talents are as diverse as his interests, being able to move in a number of worlds like few in the SF dance music scene. His style is fresh, dynamic and always walking a line between the gritty and the pretty.

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