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Spring Cleaning

So Fresh, So Clean

Spring cleaning is a much-loved and much-dreaded phrase depending on who you ask. Regardless, it doesn’t have to be limited to removing items you’ll never wear from your closet or going through every room with a vacuum and scrub brush. Here are some other ideas, whether it’s removing physical clutter or de-cluttering your mind.

Reduce Clutter, Increase Productivity
Perhaps, you find yourself too tired or simply not motivated enough to de-clutter your live or workspace and it’s affecting your well-being. Fear not, there are organization experts who’ve made it their profession to come to your aid, and Joshua Zerkel is one of them. His company, Custom Living Solutions, specializes in helping clients optimize their space and reduce clutter. The company’s services are not limited to physically moving things around, but also include education in time management and technology implementation — every aspect of organization. You can also learn how to maintain order and “Eliminate The Chaos.” Consultation is free.

Alter Your Lifestyle for Health
Combining acupuncture, blood-chemistry analysis and nutrition, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist Anne Angelone of Expanding Qi has amassed a loyal following, and for good reason. Whether you’ve exhausted traditional Western medicine for ailments to no avail or wish to reduce reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, Expanding Qi offers alternatives. Get to the root of your health problems with professional analysis of your lifestyle choices and perhaps you’ll discover your current “healthy” diet needs modification. For ailments ranging from insomnia to chronic pain, anxiety to depression, skin problems to fatigue, consider Expanding Qi.

Conscientious Junk Removal
Shame on you if you are still discarding unwanted furniture and electronics by littering the sidewalk in front of your home. Rather than guiltily sneaking your garbage to the curb, consider Junk General, a self-proclaimed “eco conscious and socially responsible” junk removal service. Junk General’s biodiesel trucks happily and responsibly remove your waste whether it’s toxin-containing electronics, concrete/construction debris, or garage/estate clean-outs.

Furniture Makeover
Tired of hand-me-down furniture with embarrassingly ugly floral designs and? Breathe new life into your furnishings by reupholstering them. Retrospect Furniture proprietor and “master upholsterer” Cornelius Ross is continuing a 45-year family business tradition. Not only does he supply an array of fabrics to match any décor, Retrospect picks up and delivers, if needed. If you’re the DIY type, City College also offers upholstery courses.

Meditate In Motion
The fact that the practice of Tai Chi Chuan originated in China centuries ago and is still practiced today may be a testament to its effectiveness as a meditative medium. This form of martial arts popularly known as Tai Chi is aimed at achieving a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Specific breathing techniques are combined with a series of movements and stretches for meditative/stress-relieving effects that have been linked to a number of health benefits. Explore for yourself with the San Francisco branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the USA. Classes are offered in several locations and the first class is free. Additionally, this is a volunteer-run nonprofit.

Pamper Your Puppy
Relieve yourself of the stress that can come with grooming your dog, an important step in keeping him or her clean and healthy. Dogs, like humans, can develop nasty oral afflictions if their teeth go untended. Regular tooth-brushings are an important preventative measure and one of the services provided by Wags on Polk Street, along with nail clipping, bathing and grooming. Prices start at $35 for a “full service washing,” which includes wash, dry, nail trimming and ear cleaning (important for prevention of distressing ear infections). If you enjoy bathing your pal but not the mess that comes with it, you can also do that here for $20, which includes blow dryers and towels you don’t have to launder. Owners are also welcome to drop their doggies off for later pickup.