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Spotlight on Tim Gaskin

Home Grown Host is Truly OUT Spoken

Tim Gaskin, a third generation San Franciscan who got his first haircut at Louie’s Barber Shop (a previous incarnation of it), remembers Cliff’s Variety Halloween Shows in the late sixties, and had his first job with David Bach at Marcello’s Pizza, is a natural on camera and behind-the-scenes producer of his popular San Francisco Comcast show, "OUT Spoken".

Highly opinionated, well connected and passionate about his creative projects, it isn’t any wonder that Gaskin’s vice of choice is caffeine. Talking to him, you can practically see the synapses firing behind his eyes. Underneath his lofty ambitions and creative innovations, however, lies the dedicated soul of a community servant.

I met Gaskin while he was filming the 2005 Imperial Court’s Royal Ball over President’s Day Weekend. He was seeking fun facts about the Court’s history, and it wasn’t until he introduced himself that I realized we had just crossed paths earlier in the month at the Tsunami Relief effort, Turning The Tide, a benefit for Rainbow World Fund. Gaskin had been the coordinator, along with John Doffing of SmartSOMA, of the enormously flavorful art show in the vast space on the first floor of Terra. Among his other interests and commitments, Gaskin somehow finds time to paint.

His latest role at that time was as a Board Member of the AIDS Emergency Fund/Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. He brings a fairly large media card to any table he decides to sit at. In addition to the television venue, in September 2006 Gaskin launched Benefit Magazine, a print periodical dedicated to the lifestyle of philanthropy.

His show "OUT Spoken", which is a dialog format with the leaders and issues of the local LGBT community, often features individuals or organizations that participate in the gigantic fundraising machine, which is ultimately and essentially the spirit underlying the LGBT party scene. "OUT Spoken" is a weekly show on Comcast, and with his voice he can bring more visibility to AEF/BCEF.

Gaskin is the first producer to bring gay programming to Comcast SF, a four-hour daily block of production only about the issues, art and culture specific to San Francisco. For more information about his pursuits, visit, and stay tuned!