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979 60th street, Oakland, CA
+1 4155162462
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Mon - Fri (10am - 7pm)
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I offer shamanic healing and Reiki energy healing sessions, guided by a profound intuitive insight and a pure intention. With a deep connection to the spirits and forces of nature, I facilitate powerful transformations of body, mind and spirit, which I then support through spiritual mentoring and guidance.

-End your attachment to addictions

- Learn techniques of self empowerment.

- Balance your physical, emotional and mental well being and experience a renewed vitality. 

- Transform depression, anxiety or stress and awaken the true, beautiful inner self through ritual and ceremony. 

- Heal past traumas and emotional wounds held in the body 

- Clear or extract energetic blockages allowing for increase of energy

- Heal effects of emotional or sexual abuse and take control of your life

- Change energetic conditions that allow for dis-ease and mental/ spiritual weakness and misalignment

- Help with clearing homes and offices that hold negative associations and "bad" energies. 

- Assist yourself or a loved one through the transition of a terminal illness. 

You can leave my sessions feeling as though deeply rooted patterning of health and mental/emotional issues or conditions have been lifted for you to, once again, walk on a path filled with beauty, light and love.

Trained in the rainforests of Peru by master healers such as Don Ignacio Diuri and Don Robert Achara, and in the USA by Michael Harner, Frank Wesselman and Don Oscar Miro Quesada, I am a master healer who has developed a powerful healing practice, through being a clear channel to Divine Energies

I have been a bedside caregiver, volunteering with the Zen Hospice Project in San Francisco for the last 20 years and offering a highly skilled sensitivity to people living with life-threatening illnesses and those going through the grieving process brought on by any loss.

I also offer training in shamanic healing and Reiki.