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Welcome to the 21st century evolution in quality upscale reading glasses and accessories. Cheaters Too - "Specs in The City" offers several handmade glasses with optical quality lenses and frames from such designers as Corinne McCormack, eye bobs, Cinzia, Seeqa, California Optics, Clics, Myspex, Computer Glasses, Evolution Eyes, and Sydney Love. We also carry REBEL and Tatoo Sunglasses, as well as prescription frames by Eye'DC, Karavan, Koali, OGA, Lightec, Nomad, and Momo.

Cheaters Too is here to handle the strain of presbyopia, the condition that causes you to need reading glasses. Our computer glasses are perfect for reading and computer work in one pair of line less progressive lenses. You don't need any eye exam to shop at Cheaters Too - "Specs in The City."

Visit Cheaters Too - "Specs in The City" 7 days a week or call us at 415.252.8262 for any questions you may have or to purchase our eye wear. We'll gladly mail glasses directly to you.