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Spa Fixes for Couples

Get Your Spa On - Together!

From foreplay-inducing couples massage to candlelit baths for two, romantic spa havens for lovebirds abound in San Francisco. But what about those days when youíre looking to meld the practical with the sentimental and donít necessarily want to wait for a special weekend to treat yourselves to a little well-deserved pampering? Here are three places to help you get your spa on--between errands, after work, or whenever you just plain feel like it -- at a margin of the cost you might incur at other places boasting the right ambience for amorous encounters.

Heaven Day Spa
This unpretentious boutique spa on chichi Chestnut Street offers a slew of wellness services--from acupuncture to nutritious counseling--not to mention a stylish salon and boutique stocked with top-of-the-line skincare, body care and hair products. A separate entrance to a suite of massage and facial rooms leads clients to a more relaxed environment. For a post-work massage with your paramour, opt for airy adjoining rooms sporting sun-dappled floors, modest dťcor, and tastefully displayed Botticelli paintings. A 60-minute Swedish massage with any of Heavenís talented therapists will be enough to fix any muscular kinks as you and your honey chat across rooms. Of course, giving each other the lowdown on the woes of the day might not be possible during the nap-coaxing treatment, but couples can also make time to recline in the private lounge area with a glass of champagne after the massage. Of course, being right off bustling Chestnut Street, even the cozy treatment rooms can get plagued with a bit of outside noise, but evening treatments proffer a little less hullaballoo.

Recharge Spa
This Nob Hill mainstay, which enjoys a bevy of regular clients, is exactly what you want a spa to be--affordable, relaxing, clean, and filled to the brim with knowledgeable, efficient therapists. The tranquil Zen-like setting, original artwork, attentive staff, and fresh flowers will make you want to hang out a little longer than necessary. While you can opt for a facial (with cosmeceutical-grade products) or vigorous Thai massage, a mani/pedi combo in one of the spaís cozy leather recliners is the best way to get in a little face time with your guy or gal--in fact, it tends to be one of the most popular services among couples. As you sit together over a cup of tea and get polished and massaged (even your shoulders get a little love while your nails dry), you may want to consider making this a monthly ritual. Most couples do, and Recharge tends to be draw more male clients than other day spas. Autoclaved nail tools, steel bowls for your tips and toes, and massage creams and exfoliants packed with yummy essential oils make for an awe/ah-inducing hour.

U2 Health and Beauty Center
Thereís nothing more romantic than a nicely administered foot massage--donít believe me? Then take your callused soles and your favorite person to U2 Health and Beauty Center, which is less of a spa than it is a pillar of therapy for all things reflexology-related. Reflexology, the ancient Chinese practice of massaging points on the feet to benefit other parts of the body, is said to work wonders on major organs, glands, and other body parts. Be that as it may, the sensation of getting your feet rubbed by attentive therapists is reason in and of itself to head over to the Inner Richmond and shell out some cash--you can opt for 35, 70, 100, or 130 minutes of reflexology for an astonishing $25 to $80, and add on milk, herbal tea, or ginger for $10 more. U2 also offers scalp, hand, and body massage, but the feet have it, and the place is something of a Mecca for wary pedestrians. After an hour of efficient ministrations, consider taking your love out once more--your feet will be ready to dance the night away.