Sourdough Starter Workshops 2017

Sat Jan 20 (full schedule below)
La Victoria Mexican Bakery
03:00 PM
Food & Drink
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In this workshop, you can look forward to a fun, hands-on session going over everything you ever wanted to know about using and maintaining a wild-yeast, naturally fermented sourdough starter.   By learning the techniques used by artisan bakers, you'll get peak performance from your starter and will learn how to prepare it for baking all your favorites. In this 2-hour workshop, we'll look at all the angles to  maintaining a healthy sourdough starter, and use it to make a sourdough flatbread in class. You'll go home with your own starter, as well as the knowledge and confidence to use it to bake your own sourdough bread at home.



Sour Flour


  1. La Victoria Mexican Bakery 2937 24th Street, San Francisco, CA