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Soup for the Soul

Heartwarming Winter Meals

There’s something about the warm, smoothness of soup that makes it the quintessential winter meal. When it comes to the best soup for a cold day, you need something more than just chicken broth that will satisfy your hunger and raise your temperate.

French Onion Soup Gratin at Absinthe
If you like your soup a bit more cheesy, there’s nothing quite as gooey and satisfying as Absinthe’s French onion soup. Made with sweet caramelized onions and crunchy, yet mushy bread, it’s then topped with a burned layer of Gruyere cheese.

Pozole Rojo at Nopalito
Nopa’s baby sis, Nopalito is the perfect place for Mexican food lovers to chow down and warm up. Their pozole rojo, a toasty stew of pork shoulder, hominy, veggies, spices and tortilla chips, is big enough for two. On an extra cold day, finish off with a cup of Nopalito’s Mexican Coffee topped with whipped crème, orange, and cinnamon.

Ramen at Suzu Noodle House
For a winter day bowl of warmth that’s hearty and filling, head to Japantown for a bowl of ramen. Suzu Noodle House on the lower level of the mall is home to some of the best spicy curry udon and soba in the city.

Ong No Kaw Soi at Mandalay
Sometimes nothing makes you feel quite as warm as a little bit of spice. If you like a bit more bite in your soup, head to Mandalay, for a bowl of their Ong No Kaw Soi, coconut chicken noodle soup. It’s a delicate soup made with thin noodles, tender chicken and sweet onions. It’s served with a side garnish of fresh cilantro and lemon.