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Soul Position - Things Go Better with RJ and Al

Released on Rhymesayers, 4/4/06

I had borrowed my boss' new car for a weekend, and the sound system is a million times better than the one I have in my house. I popped in the new Soul Position disc, ready to be blown back in my seat. Windows down, the sun out for the first time in ages, and...nothing much happened, really. Instead, I got a 40-minute party album that launches out of the gate decrying the shallow state of hip-hop today, and then turns right around and tells us about getting bombed and hooking up with girls "who look like Dave Letterman".

Don't get me wrong, any album that name-checks Donny Hathaway puts a smile on my face. Catchy beats and inventive loops made me nod my head. With maestro of headphone hip-hop RJD2, and the amazing flow of Blueprint as MC, the bar is certainly set high, so there's certainly room to be a bit let down.

Tracks like "Keep it Hot For Daddy" and "Drugs, Sex, Alcohol, Rock-N-Roll" are worth some deeper listening, and the aforementioned track about drunk clubbing "Blame it on the Jager" certainly would be good to hear out -- surprise -- at a club. What the album lacks in cohesiveness, it's trying to make up for by riding on the white-hot name of RJD2.

I can sum it up best this way. If you're expecting the same soulful adventure as their previous efforts, you won't be completely disappointed. Like me, you might just be wondering who took their foot off the gas.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars