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Charles Bukowski's Sifting Through the Madness for the Word, the Line, the Way: New Poems
By Sophia Hanifah (Jan 15, 2003)
Ecco has published the first of their five posthumous collections of new poems by Charles Bukowski. Taken from the large quantity of unpublished work the author entrusted to John Martin (his longtime editor at Black Sparrow Press), the 150 poems that will be featured in these five titles were selected over the years as the best poems for Martin to file away and compile into posthumous books. This is not a surprising plan from a man who thought a great deal about death. More »
Jeff Greenwald's Scratching the Surface
By Sophia Hanifah (Apr 01, 2002)
In Scratching the Surface: Impressions of Planet Earth, from Hollywood to Shiraz, Jeff Greenwald, America's "most well-known obscure travel writer," compiles the best of his short writing over the scope of two decades. More »
Frank Wu's "Yellow" Examines Asian American Life
By Sophia Hanifah (Feb 15, 2002)
In Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White, Frank Wu advances his premise that America's problem of race is about more than just black and white, and that Asian Americans should be included in the discourse. Examining the example of Asian immigrants can achieve such aims as revealing "the inconsistencies between the color blindness that is invoked against affirmative action and the color consciousness that becomes apparent in the denunciation of immigration." More »
By Sophia Hanifah (May 01, 2001)
Open mics here are not as relile as they werep until June 2003, when the once faithful regular host decided to call it quits. Up until then, the ample stage (in a separate room from the bar) accommodated various word-smiths, bards, and balladeers, entertaining many a local -- whether Outer-Mission barflies or artist types. More »
By Sophia Hanifah (Apr 15, 2001)
Mike Fleming, AKA Open Mike, started Wednesday's night events at the Canvas Café in early 2003, after the weekly events at Nickie's and Dogs Bollix drew to a close. Wednesdays are a mixed bag, where all types of performance art are welcome, including live music, poetry and spoken word, and sometimes dance. Mike actively books feature artists, who usually perform a 30-minute set of music at 9 PM, in the midst of a wide variety of undiscovered talent, who sign up for 10-minute sets all night. More »
By Sophia Hanifah (Apr 01, 2001)
The Poetry Flash bimonthly review & literacy calendar has staged their weekly reading series at Cody's Books in Berkeley since the early 80s. Held every Wednesday for many years, Poetry at Cody's recently moved to Sunday evenings. Hosts Richard Silberg and Joyce Jenkins (Associate Editor and Editor/Publisher respectively) usually arrange 2 readers per night, giving each poet ample time to cover a range of their work. More »
By Sophia Hanifah (Mar 01, 2001)
Final Fridays is part of Youth Speaks' Bringing the Noise Reading Series, hosted by members of Spokes Youth Board -- their all-youth Board and internship program. Each year for more than 3 years, creative, new members join their producing crew, drawn from teen participants of In-School Workshops and After-School Programs all around the area (with strong East Bay representation). The results? An influx of fresh ideas to an already hyped-up group, hungry for their turn to present. And yes, it is boisterous! More »
By Sophia Hanifah (Jan 15, 2001)
Sure, you know about the salami at Molinari's and the pipe organ at St. Francis of Assisi's shrine, but did you know about the New Poetry Series at Caffe Sempione? More »
By Sophia Hanifah (Dec 15, 2001)
Poetry open mic used to hold sway every Tuesday at Java Source, while comedy happened on Fridays and Saturdays. Since Tuesday's host, Lori Chapman, moved back East in mid 2002, all three nights have been a lively mix of comedy, poetry readings and singing. More »
By Sophia Hanifah (Nov 15, 2000)
At the Silicon Valley Poetry Slam, ten poets compete in two rounds, with cash prizes awarded to the top three slammer. Top poets at the annual Silicon Valley's Poetry Slam Finals advance to the National Poetry Slam, held in a different city each year. More »
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