New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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Sondre Lerche with The Golden Republic

A Night of Dreamy Pop Campfire Songs

Norwegian singer/songwriter Sondre Lerche (pronounced "Lurk-eh", not "Lurch") made his name with his second album Two Way Monologue and a string of sold out shows earlier this year. In October, the gifted crooner was nominated for an MTV European Music Award and chosen to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert.

Opposites attract. Sondre straddles two different universes at the slender age of 21. As a songwriter compared to American songbook master Cole Porter, it's fitting he was asked to perform for the world's intellectual elite. As a young Teen People heartthrob who writes catchy pop tunes, he is also worthy of the prestigious MTV nomination. He brings these worlds together in his music, from the sunshine sounds of the Beach Boys to the doleful musing of Nick Drake, he even adds bits of Frank Sinatra phrasing to bring his lyrics to life. At the same time, he's everything to teenagers oblivious to all the comparisons.

Sondre began his career performing in the bars of his hometown of Bergen (Norway's second largest city) before he was able to tip one. By the age of 18, he had released his first album Faces Down, which was an instant hit in his native land. With its full orchestral strings and bouncy bossa nova beats it is an acoustic pop sing along (all songs are in English). The widely praised album even earned a slot in Rolling Stone's Top 50 albums of 2002.

Earlier this year came Monologue, also recorded in his hometown of Bergen with The Face Down from the Astralwerks label. Sondre described his first album as an "unconscious string of singles" that came to him throughout his teenage years. Monologue, he says, " Is more conscious. More disciplined. I had to really sit down and write the songs and think of how I wanted it to be because it was my initiative. So this one is to me more personal because I've been digging for it in a way." The personal soul searching side does not distract from pure toe tapping pop gems such as "Wet Ground" and "On The Tower".

Sondre will be in tow with the The Golden Republic, a band he toured with earlier this year. This time they will join him as his back up band. (Unfortunately, his swinging band, the Faces Down, are MIA on this tour.) The Kansas City label mates will also open the festivities with their own set of tunes.

Sondre's world is a big world but a small one as well. This night at Slim's will be like a night of campfire songs with your best friends at the beach. A night in which you hope to meet the boy or girl of your dreams. Go, have fun, and remember opposites attract.

November 30th
8 PM
All Ages