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Something's Gotta Give

Maybe I'm just getting sappier in my old age (or am just biased towards any movies involving writers) but the romantic comedy Something's Gotta Give, written and directed by Nancy Meyers (Private Benjamin, Baby Boom, Father of the Bride), in which a svelte Diane Keaton - in the shape of her life- plays Erica Barry, an accomplished yet incredibly insecure divorced playwright with a penchant for wearing white turtlenecks and a twentysomething daughter Marin (Amanda Peet) who brings home a man thirty years her senior, Harry (Jack Nicholson) a charming playboy with an eye for younger women and a bad heart (no pun intended), is really very charming.

There is great chemistry between the actors- particularly with Nicholson and Keaton and Keaton and Frances McDormand who plays Zoe, Erica's sister who pops up every now and then to stir things up but who is truly underused here. Despite a fairly formulaic plot, there is a welcome and refreshing twist in the form of the older-woman-younger-man paradigm, which plays out in this movie between Erica and Julian (Keanu Reeves) as the most charming, attentive and best-looking doctor I've ever seen.

The writing is sharp and witty - one memorable quote stands out as Harry sums Erica up by saying, "Words have been invented for women like you."- and there are many funny moments, one being in the hospital as the three main women are having the pants charmed off of them by Dr. Julian and Harry wonders out into the hall, happily sedated, in only a hospital gown (i.e. you will get quite of peek at Jack's ass).

Stars: 3.75 out of 5