Solo Sundays

Event has passed (Sun Oct 27, 2013 - Sun Oct 27, 2013)
Stage Werx
Theater / Performance Arts


Solo Sundays, S.F.'s premier monthly showcase, presents select samplings of veteran virtuosos and top emerging talent in the intimate Stage Werx theater in San Francisco's Mission District. Beyond stand-up and storytelling, solo theater creates casts of thousands - plus special effects - all bursting from a single performer. The results are hilarious and heartbreaking, passionate and provocative, ablaze with personal visions.

Christian Cagigal
"Now and at the Hour"
What does a boy do when he grows up with a father who is forever mentally altered from his time in War? He retreats into a world of magic. "Now and at the Hour" is the semi-autobiographical magical tale of what it was like for Cagigal to be raised by his father, a Vietnam vet, afflicted with PTSD and Schizophrenia, and how that both inspired and pushed Cagigal into realms of magic, mystery and the unknown.

Jonathan Ehrlich
One obituary and a man's need to confess put him on a slight detour on his way to the airport. Before catching a plane back home to suburban Illinois, we revisit the past at Berend Elementary School, learning how a single moment he witnessed brings him to our stage tonight. The more we learn about our narrator's life, the more questionable his actions become. Then again, there's nobody else to tell the story but him.

Xiaojuan Shu
"Don't You Have Dignity, Mama?" 
In order to put Xiao through school, her Chinese peasant mother worked in a polluted factory, scavenged, and even sold her own blood.  After years of studying like a machine, Xiao made it to a medical university in Nanjing, but that wasn't big enough for her.  She then came to America and became a hedge fund auditor in San Francisco, but there was still something missing.  Can Xiao ever find what she wants in life and pay back what her mother has done for her at the same time?  

Angela L. Neff
"Another Picnic at the Asylum"
A hard-driving father of eight, who thinks he’s Johnny Cash takes his family on a 70's  trip filled with surreal picnics, electric shock therapy, kids that keep falling out of cars and life in Silicon Valley when DDT laden agriculture was still an industry.


  1. Stage Werx 446 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA