SOFT ROCK Digital Album Release Party

Event has passed (Tue Jan 29, 2013 - Tue Jan 29, 2013)
The Showdown
10 PM
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"SOFT ROCK" is the newest Ryan Ryan Lee Greene EP featuring low-fi bedroom studio beats that he made for himself and his lover "Jersey" of 7 years. More than that, these recordings are from his very private collection of embarrassing tracks that he made to appease (or annoy) his controlling girlfriend who was recovering from a car accident with a lot of pills and white wine. Many bowls of herb were passed and late into the night…sleep deprivation and dehydration soaked.... the songs came out of him and into the headphones. SOFT ROCK would crank out 3 songs In about 2 hours from start to finish. He used an Ensonic ASR 10 from the 90's and a Protools/Macbook rig and an old mic he got from Skerik. This is Ryan's most self deprecating persona. SOFT ROCK is the fat overweight "Sucker MC" who ate too much and smoked out all day. He makes beats in his boxers with snacks all around him. His girlfriend tells him when to go to bed and yells in the background at him. While he's recording over the shouts of "Shut up!" from his lady in the background he knows deep down that he is not afraid to be soft anymore. He goes to smelly candle stores instead of recording, touring or creating anything at all…excepting for these stolen moments captured in these tracks. She needs the candles. He has accepted his girlfriends rule in his own house and has decided to regress to a child like state, waiting to be told what he is allowed to create and how loud it can be in his cheap, sad failing studio. Maybe she'll fall asleep and SOFT ROCK can rock another quite track out at 4:20am….or maybe he will fall asleep….with his d*ck in his hand….again. Think Dolemite on MDMA.

This is for STONES THROW, Dilla, Madlib and Peanut Butter Wolf and Hellkat Productions.

 "Ryan Greene has long been an energetic force in bridging the gap between the live musician community and the beats & rhymes contingent...a versatile and talented artist with interesting musical ideas." -- Eric K. Arnold for SF Weekly.


To consider local SF Bay Area MC, singer and songwriter Ryan Greene a prolific artist would be an understatement. Since the mid-80’s, Bay Area native, Ryan Greene has devoted his life path to music and for this, has reaped the benefits of being a tenacious and charismatic staple in the Bay Area music scene. Making the transition from graffiti writer, to graphic artist, and now arranger, composer, producer, singer and emcee, Ryan Greene is an all-in-one package, with talent and skill that begs for comparison. Art Director/Security Manager/Band Leader/Promoter.


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