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Keep quiet. Speak easy.

In true speakeasy fashion, the buzz was moving and rumors were being whispered, but no one knew quite what to expect before Slide's opening last weekend. That is except for the slide -- everyone seemed to know about the unique entrance that is also the namesake for San Franciscoís newest addition to the speakeasy trend.

Located below Ruby Skye and backed by the same team, Slide is housed where Cafe Danís once hid some of the hottest nights in San Francisco. While the obvious intention is to recreate the era of gangsters and secrecy, it comes off a bit more of a theme park than club. Itís a slick place with a cavernous feel when the main room isnít packed. However these are seasoned club owners who know how to plan a party and bring people in. If they can keep the booze flowing, music bumping, and flappers shaking tail, they just might have something.

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