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Last Night a DJ Saved My Life

With the constant fluctuation in quality electro dance party music, itís hard to say what defines originality and talent. However, thereís no question that Corey Sleazemore rules two of the hottest electro parties in town, the free Wednesday night party Infatuation and the forever dancing Lights Down Low. Playing with acts like Boyz Noize and Simian Mobile Disco, his quick rise to fame is no surprise after hearing his party rockiní sets. Taking some time to let SF Station know about his style and local love, thereís no reason for one to miss his next party.

SF Station (SFS): What got you into DJing?

Sleazemore (S): I saw 2many DJs and Erol Alkan tag teaming at a party at WMC in 2003 and it blew my mind. It was the most fun I have ever had on a dancefloor, I didn't stop dancing the whole time. I went home and decided I needed to be doing what they were.

SFS: You have a residency at Infatuation Wednesdays. What do you like most about this Wednesday night party?

S: Getting to play with some of the biggest DJs in the world on an amazing Funktion-One sound system. It has been really amazing getting to open for Boys Noize, Crookers, Jesse Rose, Simian Mobile Disco, Switch, Sinden, Drop the Lime, Jokers of the Scene, Surkin, Steve Aoki and tons more. The talent that has come to that party in just this one year is ridiculous and being able to share the stage week in and week out with them is just great.

SFS: What's important to you to keep the dancefloor going?

S: Pushing new music and good music without compromising the dancefloor and scaring people off.

SFS: As a DJ, I'm sure you've traveled many places. Any crazy stories to share?

S: We had to pay the cops off in Mexico City to get my partner-in-crime Rchrd Oh?! out of the back of the cop car for drinking in public. Also, Playing at the showcase in Paris was one of the most fun times I have ever had DJing.

SFS: Tell us about Lights Down Low -- It seems to be a crackiní party, what was the inspiration behind this electro dance party?

S: I had just moved here and needed some sort of outlet for DJing, so along with Ian Zazueta started Lights Down Low at the 222 Club as a spot for us to play the music we liked. It ended up being a huge hit and has been going for over three and a half years now. Ian has left us, but Rchrd Oh?! and Parker Day came on board and we have since moved from the 222 to Triple Crown.

SFS: Who are some of your favorite artists to mix into your set?

S: Right now I am really into artists like Zombie Disco Squad, L-Vis 1990, Afrojack, Oliver$, Harvard Bass, Acid Girls, Renaissance Man, Laidback Luke, anything Dirtybird or on Made to Play, I love.

SFS: Who are some of your favorite local DJs to play with?

S: Rchrd OH?! though he just moved to San Diego has been my favorite DJ to play with for a long time now, we always have a fun time when we are together. Omar from Popscene is a really great guy, amazing DJ and good friend. There is so much good local talent. Worthy, the Martin Bros and the Dirtybird kids are always fun to play with. Shane King and Swayzee are two of my favorite homies and people to play with. I make music with Lance Desardi and it is always fun to hear him DJ . The Tenderlions though not DJ's are up and coming SF producers who always put on a high energy live show, they are good friends and great musicians. Richie Panic was one of my first friends when I moved here and I always have good time playing with him. Eric Sharp, Eli Glad, Lxndr, my Blasthaus brother Nisus, White Girl Lust, Sarah DeLush, Peeplay from Honey Soundsystem, Bling Crosby

SFS: You have fantastic staying power. What do you attribute this success to?

S: Playing good, fun music.

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