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Sky High

Kryptonite Proof

Growing up is challenging for every kid. But, when you're the product of two of the world's greatest superheroes expectations can be sky high (forgive the pun). Such is the case for Will Stronghold in Sky High. The son of Commander Stronghold (Kurt Russell) and Jetstream (Kelly Preston), Will is slated to be the next great world-saver. Unfortunately, Will's powers haven't exactly been punctual in arriving and his first day at Sky High is right around the corner.

Things go from bad to worse for Will at Sky High during "power placement" as it becomes apparent he is not a hero (aka cool kid) rather a mere sidekick (aka dork). Thus the stage is set for a teen angst film of super heroic proportions. How will he tell his parents? How will they react? Will his powers ever emerge? Will the superpower-challenged Will get the girl?

Director Mike Mitchell does a wonderful job of addressing all of the standard elements of the teen angst film and injects humor and a nod to films of the same ilk from the 1980s (there are an abundance of cover tracks from Tears for Fears, Pat Benatar, Talking Heads, etc.), largely considered the golden era for these kinds of films. Additionally, Mitchell vividly brings to life a world in which super heroes are as common as postal workers.

Complimenting a script that is full of brilliantly funny dialogue is a truly superb supporting cast consisting of Lynda Carter (aka Wonder Woman) as Principal Powers, perennial B-movie superstar Bruce Campbell as "Coach Boomer", Dave Foley (of "Kids in the Hall") as sidekick instructor "Mr.Boy", and Kevin McDonald (another "Kids in the Hall" alum) as mad scientist Mr.Medulla. All of the aforementioned are appropriately over the top in their respective roles.

The result is a hysterically funny coming of age story with a super heroic twist. While Sky High is certainly geared towards a younger demographic, there is more than enough to keep those who grew up on 80s teen angst films entertained. There has been a real dearth of good comedies this summer; Sky High provides a heroic dose of teen angst humor.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars