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New Year's Eve at the BOTH
By Sidra Durst (Jan 11, 2016)
The Fucking Champs play prog-metal for indie rockers. The band, originally called C4AM95, formed in the Bay Area in 1995 and is comprised of just three members: guitarists Josh Smith (who has since left the band) and Tim Greene and drummer Tim Soete. Their music often gets misclassified as heavy metal -- it's actually much closer to instrumental math rock. More »
Upscale Coffee Culture Hits the Valencia Corridor
By Sidra Durst (Jan 24, 2006)
If enough people took their lead from Eileen Hassi and Jeremy Tooker, the world would be a better place -- well, at least, the coffee would be better. When Starbucks bought Torrefazione Italia, the gourmet coffee roaster where Hassi worked, she took drastic action. Loath to don a green apron and serve mediocre coffee -- never mind gingerbread crème Frappucinos -- she decided to open her own coffeehouse. She called up Tooker, whom she had met when they were both Torrefazione employees (she in Seattle and he in Portland). By May of last year, Ritual Coffee Roasters wa More »
The Delicate Sound of Buzz
By Sidra Durst (Nov 23, 2005)
When the owners of one of the city's most beloved bakeries open a full-fledged restaurant, expectations inevitably run high -- sometimes impossibly so. Like Tartine Bakery, Bar Tartine has no exterior sign, but the warm glow of the dim-but-not-too-dim lighting and the pleasant bustle within beckon passersby from off the street. The interior that owners Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson created is comfortable and classy, familiar without feeling stale. More »
The Next Big Thing -- 1/4 & 1/5 @ The Independent
By Sidra Durst (Nov 23, 2005)
People who know anything at all about Wolf Parade tend to fall into one of two categories: the irrepressible enthusiasts or the jaded cynics. More »
Released on Thrill Jockey records, 09/13/05
By Sidra Durst (Nov 16, 2005)
To the untrained ear, an initial play-through of Freakwater's newest album, [i]Thinking Of You[/i], sounds like pure country music, not the alt-country that it is purported to be. It bears all the trappings of an Appalachian folk session; plaintively sweet Carter-family harmonies, melodies that amble along like a backwoods road, and the expected medley of pedal steel guitar, dobro and fiddle. Get past the old-time associations though, and the modern sensibilities of the Kentucky duo slowly reveal themselves. More »
The Ess-Oh-VEE
By Sidra Durst (Nov 05, 2005)
Lady Sovereign, 19-year old star of the UK's grime scene, isn't a lady in the traditional sense -- unless your definition of a lady has something to do with baggy Adidas tracksuits, fierce rhymes, and a whole lot of rough-around-the-edges attitude. Between inking a contract with Island Def Jam, collaborating with the likes of Missy Elliot and the Neptunes, and embarking on an international tour, the sandpaper-voiced MC is set to make a name for her self on this side of the pond. More »
Released on Sony -- October 4, 2005
By Sidra Durst (Oct 21, 2005)
The Go! Team arrive stateside with a sound so unique it makes you realize how much every other new band (still) sounds like the Strokes. On their frenetic debut album [i]Thunder, Lightning, Strike![/i] the six-member band from Brighton, England takes an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach, cutting and pasting together a mishmash of early hip-hop, Vince Guaraldi- inspired piano fills, noise guitar, distorted harmonica riffs, 60s and 70s TV action show theme songs, horns galore and unabashed sampling. The end product is Prozac for the ears, deliriously giddy and incredibly danceable music without a trace of disaffected angst. More »
sidra durst's Articles
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