Shoden Level Reiki One Training

Event has passed (Fri Jan 11, 2013 - Fri Jan 25, 2013)
Be In Tune Office
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Health & Wellness, Alternative Medicine


Want to relieve your suffering and the suffering of others?

Everyone can learn Reiki. The ability to use Reiki is transferred to the student by a Reiki Master Teacher through a process called an attunement. The attunement cleanses and purifies while promoting spiritual growth. Once a person is attuned, they will always have access to Reiki energy and can use it for self-healing and healing others, including animals and plants.

Reiki One is a commitment to healing yourself with Reiki. The more you receive Reiki, the more you benefit. Working with the universal life force energy advances your spiritual growth. You will find an increase in your intuitive abilities and a deeper understanding of your connection with All That Is. The healing abilities are sort of a happy side-effect!

You will learn:
• The history of Reiki
• Reiki as a spiritual practice
• Healer ethics
• Hand positions to treat yourself with Reiki
• Hand positions to treat others with Reiki
• How to treat animals and plants with Reiki
• Energy work techniques
• The chakra system
• Gassho Meditation
• How to meet your Reiki Guides
• How to use your intuition
• Reiki blessings
• How to begin your personal Reiki practice

You will receive:
• Individual attention (maximum class size: 4)
• 4 Reiki energy attunements within personalized vocal sound ceremonies
• Ample practice time
• Reiki I certificate
• Reiki candle
• 60-page Reiki handbook authored by Molly Johnson
• 4 weekly Reiju Distance Empowerments after the training
• On-going mentorship and support on your Reiki path

The Teacher, Molly Johnson
Molly Johnson first began her Reiki studies in 2007. The style of Reiki that she learned is called Usui Shiki Reiki, which denotes that it is in the lineage of Reiki Master Phyllis Lei Furumoto. Molly’s teachers have been Gail Syring, Christine Patch-Lindsay, and Don Beckett. She has taught seven Reiki trainings since completing my year-long Reiki Master Teacher apprenticeship in 2010. Find out more at

The Schedule
Five Sessions, Tuesdays and Fridays for 11 hours total
Friday, January 11th 6:30 pm - 9 pm
Tuesday, January 15th 7 pm - 9 pm
Friday, January 18th 7 pm - 9 pm
Tuesday, January 22nd 7 pm - 9 pm
Friday, January 25th 6:30 pm - 9 pm

Location: Be In Tune Office, 842 California Street @ Powell, San Francisco, CA

Why is the training spread out over two weeks?
Often, Reiki trainings are offered in a single weekend. That's a short amount of time to allow the body to adjust between the attunements and a short amount of time for the mind to absorb all that information! Weekend trainings are often like a retreat, but that style can be difficult for some to bring back what was learned and actively apply it to their lives. These trainings are meant to be a "mini-apprenticeship" where the student has frequent and short lessons with the teacher.

Read what some past students have to say about the training...

"I have taken both Reiki One and Reiki Two classes from Molly. Great teachers love and believe in their work, and Molly is one of these--she is both inspired and inspiring. She is not only extremely knowledgeable, continually expanding and honing her skills in energy work and sharing this knowledge with her students; she is also open-minded and receptive to the ideas and opinions of her students as well and, in fact, welcomes them. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Molly has--no, is--such a Gift. I'm very grateful and honored to have studied with her." - C.M.

"This class was life changing. I've battled depression for 20 years, and Reiki has been a gift from the universe in helping me get my mood under control. I use the techniques I learned in Reiki I training every day to help me stay calm when life gets hectic. Molly is a caring teacher and clearly adores her subject. Her energy is very soothing (a great testament to what a consistent Reiki practice can help you achieve!), and she encourages you every step of the way. She creates a safe space ideal for trying things you might otherwise be afraid to do (I was nervous about meeting my Reiki guides and it turned out to be an amazing experience). Come prepared to step out of your comfort zone and be transformed!" - C.H.

"I do things that change my life for the better on a regular basis. The changes from this [Reiki One] attunement with Molly are still weaving themselves throughout my day to day activities and I know I would have more stress and having fewer tools to deal with it, I would be much more dependent on others to help me manage that stress. Do yourself a favor and spend some time with Molly!" - K.R.

Total Tuition: $405 per student, $99 non-refundable deposit holds your place. Payment plans are available.

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  1. Be In Tune Office
    842 California Street, San Francisco, CA