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630 8th st. #2, San Francisco, CA
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Shelflife has no aspirations to rule the world... we just want to release music by bands we like and to try and make ourselves and other pop fans happy. With releases from Acid House Kings, The Arrogants, The Autocollants, Brideshead, Brittle Stars, Call and Response, Charming, Churchbuilder, Evening Lights, The Fairways, Free Loan Investments, The Frenchmen, Le Coupe, Majestic, Majestic 12, The Maybellines, Moving Pictures, Phoebe Quest, Pololeo, Postal Blue, River, The Shermans, Souvenir, Sushi, Laura Watling and many other bands on the way, Shelflife hopes to provide top quality pop for years to come.