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She’s Out of My League

Sex Sells

She’s Out of My League is one of those semi-raunchy sex comedies that delivers exactly what’s promised. There are laughs, there’s some mild female flesh, and there’s two people falling in love. It’s not a huge standout in the genre but it stays afloat thanks to an actually funny and memorable cast.

Casting Jay Baruchel (Knocked Up, Undeclared) was the best decision for this movie. The Judd Apatow alum brings great comedy chops to the role as Kirk, the quintessential geeky loser who somehow catches the eye of the perfect Molly (Alice Eve). Of course in any male romantic comedy, it’s his buddies that get all the laughs and similarly apt comedians surround Baruchel.

The definite standout is T.J. Miller as Stainer, who takes on the role of the main sidekick who’s constantly making quips that are usually dead on. Nate Torrence as the slightly effeminate, married Devon also has his moments, especially when he’s comparing life to Disney films. Along with Baruchel, they are able to keep this film amusing despite its unoriginal and throwaway plot about a geek dating a girl much hotter than him, which is basically the formula for any male comedy, including much of Apatow’s work.

At least we can expect more from the unrated DVD, as the theatrical version is an obvious hatchet job. Like many studio comedies, it’s evident that much has been left on the cutting room floor and this version is probably the most watered down. It’s a bit curious as to why Baruchel would star in a non-Apatow wannabe comedy, instead of leading a film like Knocked Up or Forgetting Sarah Marshall that made Seth Rogen and Jason Segel stars, but it’s good to see him finally get some top billing.

Coming from the writers of Sex Drive and the upcoming Hot Tub Time Machine, novice director Jim Field Smith hasn’t created a standout comedy but he was able to wrangle enough humor out of his cast to warrant a peek.