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Shake It!

Where to Go to Get Your Groove on

These articles -- Break Out of Your Movie Mold, Theater!, Activate Your Weekend, Shake It! -- are a mix of teen-friendly venues and events. They were written to fill in the lack of all ages venues and clubs listings in the media. Because there are not enough places for teens to hang out, they often end up at their friends’ houses or doing things their parent’s would not approve of. With these articles, we hope to expose high school students to places where they can have fun and be safe at night. Note: These venues also have 21+ events. Please check the individual event to make sure it's for ages under 21.

Do Re Mi
Do you like to sing? Some karaoke bars can be intimidating because of the size and, of course, you must perform in front of a ton of people you do not know. Not here. This karaoke spot, located on the corner of Post and Laguna, is a great place to go sing to your heart’s content with friends. Each group is put in a small room with a TV for displaying lyrics, two microphones, and a controller for inputting the songs you wish to sing. They have multiple binders crammed full of pages covered front and back with songs in English, Japanese and Korean. Open to everyone 16 years of age or older, this facility does not allow alcohol, guaranteeing a fun and safe night.

One of the hottest spots for high school students from all over the Bay Area to get together, dance, and meet new people. A dance party that was previously held at Club NV has now permanently moved to a club called The X due to its high demand. Glow is run by teens for teens, and high school students from various schools promote this dance by putting their friends on the guest list. During the school year, Glow happens on Sundays on any three-day weekend. This dance tends to be extremely crowded and kids start lining up an hour before the doors open. This well-liked dance is a place where kids can feel safe knowing that there is a heavy load of security inside and out. Since summer break is here, Glow is ready to host a dance every Sunday during the summer until the school year begins once more. Just grab some friends, meet new people, and dance the night away!

This dance includes:
*15,000 square ft of multi-level dancing
*2 separate dance arenas
*Brand new cages and catwalk in the main room
*The only club with massive music video screens
*Stage of the art lighting and sound
*Special giveaways, convert tickets and prizes all night long
*The hottest people from all over the bay

How much: $10 on guest lists, $20 not on guest lists.

This historic venue located on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley is a great place for people of all ages to shake what their mommas gave them, or just sit back and listen to the wide variety of world and folk music. The non-profit venue has been around since 1973, founded as a place for peace and nonviolence, where people could set aside their differences and listen and dance to music from all ends of the Earth. The musicians that play there aren't well known but are always the biggest names in their specific genre. The venue was built in the form of an Eastern European wooden synagogue, and is a small building that can still hold a lot of life on its wooden dance floor. All shows are created for the whole family and food and drinks (both alcoholic and not) are served. Many genres are showcased including Reggae, African, Zydeco, Folk, Swing, Flamenco, and classic jam bands, shows at Ashkenaz vary between seated and open dance floors, depending on the intention of the music.

Ashkenaz is accessible by the AC Transit lines 52, 72, 73, and 9. The closest BART station is North Berkeley, however it is a 14-block walk from there to the venue. There is parking across the street, and it is normally pretty easy to find a space on the street within a block or so.

924 Gilman
The 924 Gilman Street Project is a collective volunteer run non-profit club for punk and metal music. It is members only; in order to allow smoking inside, but the membership is only $2. The venue has produced such bands as Operation Ivy, Green Day, Rancid, and AFI. It draws the most hardcore punk bands and fans, from around the West Coast to its graffiti-covered walls and torn up couches. The venue has a strict no-major label policy, allowing only local or small label bands. They are also dedicated to keeping out misogynist, racist and homophobic bands. Although the mohawks and black clothing may be intimidating, the regular crowd is warmer than they seem. The snacks and water are dirt cheap, at 25 cents for a bottle of water. 924 Gilman is the absolute center of a true punk and hardcore culture that should be experienced by any music fan.

Gilman is about a mile and a half from North Berkeley BART, and nearby the 9, 72, 71, and 52 bus lines. Parking is available on side streets all around.

A great Mexican restaurant, Picante’s would be a great place to eat before a show at Gilman. It is a couple blocks away on a side street.

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