Shadow Mountain Baptist School

280 Llagas Rd, Morgan Hill, CA
408 7827806
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Religion, Church
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Shadow Mountain Baptist School as a ministry of Shadow Mountain Baptist Church is designed to help families rear their children for God. God has established the family as the principle entity to train children, with the church serving as a second platform of spiritual training and leadership development for the family. The Christian school provides a third source of Godly influence. This arrangement is only truly successful if the direction being set by all three is in agreement.

Our teachers are well-trained, loving, and dedicated to the task of providing a well-rounded, Christ-centered education. Our teachers have been called by God and have a Christian philosophy of life and education. Each teacher will strive to serve each child according to their individual needs. Our teachers also receive continued education training throughout the year through seminars and other special training sessions.

One of our main goals is to give the students a love for school and learning. Our teachers incorporate fun and practical principles each day through classroom games, drills, and activity times. A favorite feature of many of our students is the playground. It is exciting to see their imaginations at work as they play during recess. We hope to excite the students with school so that they will be well on their way to a lifetime of learning.

What is the finest education in the world if it does not instill moral and ethical strength, integrity, and respect? Our school is built on the premise that God’s Holy Word, the Bible, provides time-tested principles that enable each student to set and achieve proper goals honorably. SMBS will consistently reinforce the authority in your home and confirm a sense of duty to God and country.