New Years Eve San Francisco Events
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SF Sketchfest '06

A Year Of Comedic Diversity

As a fellow San Franciscan, my night often involves a journey out to find a small local club or bar with the expectation of finding something unique, personal and familiar. You know, something that has the word "San Francisco" in it. We are a savvy bunch, but love it when we're given a chance to shout out when our names are being called on the microphone. What better way to promote SF spirit than to award yourself with copious amounts of sketch comedy, candid conversations with famous people, and weird happenings at this year's 5th annual SF Sketchfest.

This year's festival boasts some of the most diverse national talents to date, as well as some truly original local acts. The opening night included the play "Dead Diva", written and directed by Kids In The Hall member turned poker tournament announcer Dave Foley. Foley's personal introduction was perhaps the most entertaining as he read aloud from a certificate from Gavin Newsom, which boldly proclaimed January 12th official "SF Sketchfest Day". The night's performances also included a young threesome by the name of Boom Time. The trio blasted out solo standup in person and via a hilarious bag gag that brought the audience a glimpse of the future of stand-up comedy.

Audiences have already been given the rare opportunity to catch one of the most politically sharp comedians David Cross (next to maybe Jon Stewart) along with fellow Mr. Show collaborator Bob Odenkirk at Cobb's Comedy Club this past Sunday. Almost every night includes performances that will be hit or miss but as there is just so much to absorb, and given the city's wealth of diverse tastes, there is bound to be something that will make you laugh or wince or jump out of your seat with joy. If you're the wincing type then you might want to head over to the Eureka Theatre this Sunday. You will encounter Will Franken's obscenely good standup that is reminiscent of a younger Stephen Wright with a bit more fire in his pants. Not for the faint of heart or devout Christian, or devout anything for that matter.

On a larger scale, this Friday night at the Eureka will consist of back-to-back evening shows of A.S.S.S.C.A.T. which pairs together SNL cast members Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch and Horatio Sanz along with the Upright Citizens Brigade. And if that wasn't enough, this night also includes a monologue by Arrested Development's pseudo magician and indie filmmaker Will Arnett.

You may think that's rain outside but it's really the sound of hands clapping, or maybe it's both, go out tonight and see for yourself.