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Seth Kaufman at Linc Gallery

Nests for the Eye

Among the treasures of living in a city are visits to places creative people inhabit. Just a few minutes in a gallery can provide a visitor entry into an artist's imagination. Observations, ideas, creative processes, and materials worked through by another person can create new terrain. When the work captures your eye you are in business.

On display at Linc Gallery through October 26 are sculptural works constructed from discarded materials and drawings by Los Angeles artist Seth Kaufman. Like a mama bird, Kaufman has built visual nests. The eye can take shelter, and make a momentary home, with materials the artist has brought to our attention and saved us from forgetting. Several of the paint chip works are constructed around centers with leaves radiating like pinecones or artichokes. The placement of paint chips is incredibly precise. Look closely to see hints of color on the mostly white-gray pieces and observe the work of a painter seeing color. Each glued cluster is pierced from behind with metal that connects it, drifting, from the gallery wall.

"Twink" is an asterisk, a wink, a symbol you see in a cartoon when a spell takes. "Pom Pom" is a solid natural shape that draws your eye as you walk into the gallery. Among my favorite of the paint chip pieces is "Chris's Backdoor"; its construction is different than the others' in that it is elegant and languid, revealing the texture and sheen of the paint's surface.

"Eggshells in Resin" shows several hundred soft round eggshells, nestled layer after layer, gracefully intersecting over the surface of the piece. Its colors are a natural eggy white, brown, and yellow. At a glance you might assume that it's a fabric. "Peach Pits in Resin", set in the gallery's entry, suspends peach pits, sliced and spinning; thus revealing the surfaces and holes as visually pleasurable as the sensation of eating that sweet juicy summer fruit.

Seth Kaufman offers us beds that are ours to accept should we seek them out and deem them ours.

Through October 26
Linc Gallery
632 C Market St.
(Across from Zuni)
Phone: 415.503.1981
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